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A college professor’s detailed tips on running form, shoes, and training

Dec 1, 2011
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Good for: Running advice and commentary.

Written by: Dr. Peter Larson, Assoc. Professor of Biology at Saint Anselm College.

Yes, Larson's blog is about running more than general health and fitness, but running is such a big part of  fitness that we had to include it. While many of his posts are specific—detailed analysis of footstrike patterns, for example—Larson presents a wealth of balanced info on the raging debate over proper running form and minimalist running shoes. Plus, he usually offers up his own his own experiences as a runner, like this take on the classic running tale: busy workweek + injury = unhappy runner. Larson crams a ton of substance into long, analytic posts, but sometimes he just wants to ruminate. What else would you expect from a college professor/distance runner?

Sample post: Larson debates whether Christopher McDougal’s recent article in the New York Times Magazine, in which Larson was quoted, was worthless because McDougal’s claims were all based on anecdotal evidence.

I’ve been reading with some amount of amusement the comments associated with Christopher McDougall’s latest article in the NY Times Magazine. On the one hand there are folks decrying the use of anecdote and asking to see the data showing that barefoot is better, as well as those horrified at the thought of running barefoot on concrete. On the other hand are the exuberant individuals ready to head out and start padding along on their forefeet tomorrow, many of whom will probably hurt themselves in the process by forcing change too quickly. As usual, the middle ground tends to get lost, and that middle ground tends to be where I find myself these days. ...

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