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Dec 1, 2011
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Science Daily

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Good for: Fitness wonks with a science bent.

Edited by: Dan Hogan

The truth is, Science Daily is a science news website, not a blog. You will not find any personal musings here, just straight up relaying of information on fitness research from studies conducted all over the world. And that’s exactly why we like it. Studies often go up here before they’re used to defend arguments elsewhere, making Science Daily one of the best places to go to learn about scientific studies without any added media bias. You can use its write-ups to fact check the blogs. The design screams 1995, but the editors catch every bit of scientific research published on fitness.

Sample post: A summary of new research on metabolism and weight gain.

Male and female mice engineered to express the inflammatory enzyme IKKbeta in their fat tissue ate more but gained less weight. They burned sugar and fat more effectively than mice who were left unaltered. The research may shed light on how obesity and inflammation affect insulin resistance and sensitivity. ...

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