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Decoding major media health headlines

Dec 1, 2011
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Sweat Science

Sweat Science    Photo: Courtesy Sweat Science

Good for: Smart analysis and explanation of fitness news.

Written by: Alex Hutchinson, fitness columnist, author, and former elite runner.

While sites like Science Daily give as a barrage of breaking news, Sweat Science actually translates the results and tells us what we should pay attention to. His writing is shaped by his “past incarnations as a postdoctoral physicist and an elite distance runner.” We appreciate his ability to thoughtfully break down arguments (Do we need so much running advice?), over-hyped headlines (Is marathoning bad for your heart?), and ideas taken as common knowledge (How much should you hydrate?). Best of all, Hutchinson always backs up his analysis with solid research.

Sample post: In which Hutchinson compares two studies that reached opposite conclusions about the effects of marathoning on the heart.

So what to make of this? Neither study has been published in a journal yet, so it’s difficult to analyze the results in detail. It’s possible that the conflicting results are simply a result of the fact that the male marathoners were older, on average, that the female marathoners. Or it may be a physiological gender difference. Or it may have something to do with training history. Or it may be a complete fluke: in the male group, the key difference in the plaque volume was 274±176 vs. 169±170. Those are rather large ranges of uncertainty. ...

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