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Dec 1, 2011
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NYT Well Blog

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Good for: Practical advice.

Written by: Blog creator Tara Parker-Pope, a longtime health columnist, and guests.

A conversational tone and coverage of topics from recipes to insights on hospital practices make this the go-to blog for everything health and wellness. Updated three or four times a day, Well often features guests from the health and wellness field—pediatric cardiologists, nurses, and nutritionists—who give readers a primary-source look at the major issues in their professions. But our favorite part might be the most simple: In the Really? column, journalist Anahad O’Connor tests the veracity of common health claims by breaking down the latest studies into everyday language, then ending with a one-sentence verdict on the claim.

Sample post: In the latest Really? post, O'Connor examines whether exercise can ward off migraines.

Many migraine sufferers are reluctant to hit the gym, fearful that pushing themselves too hard may bring on an attack. But for some, exercise may have the opposite effect.

Migraine triggers vary widely from one person to the next. A few case reports have identified people for whom periods of physical activity could precipitate severe headaches. But by and large, the research has shown that for people predisposed to migraines, regular exercise, at least a few times a week, either does no harm or may have modest benefits. ...

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