Denali Dog Sled Expeditions

Mush your way into 2012

Dec 7, 2011
Outside Magazine
Ring in the new year with a

Ring in the new year with a "mush!"    Photo: Courtesy of Jon Nierenberg/Denali Dog Sled Expeditions

There may come a time, perhaps after your six brawny Alaskan sled dogs have left you face down in the snowy tundra, when a New Year’s Eve spent drinking champagne at an overpriced and overstuffed New York City club sounds appealing. But keep mushing; the northern lights are your fireworks. Denali Dog Sled Expeditions’ 60-mile round trip from Healy, Alaska to a backcountry cabin—just six miles from where Christopher McCandless starved to death—is worth the frigid cold. You’ll learn how to steer a 600-pound pack of overambitious “freight” dogs during this four-day, three-night trip. Three select friends will join you to mush across central Alaska’s open tundra, frozen riverbeds, and the lush Denali Wilderness—home to moose, caribou, and wolf packs. At night, bundle up in the provided -80 Fahrenheit-proof boots, oversized synthetic suits, and puffy overmitts. Make sure to pack in a headlamp, cards, and a flask of whiskey to bring in the New Year. $8,890 for four; Dec. 30 - Jan. 2, 2012.