5. Sharma Sends First Round, First Minute

After two years and hundreds of falls, one of the world's most famous projects receives its first ascent

Dec 20, 2011
Outside Magazine

Two years, one film, and an Internet dust-up after he first started working on it, Chris Sharma finally made the first ascent of First Round First Minute, his bouldery, 25-move testpiece in Margalef, Spain, on April 20. Sharma, who hadn’t tried FRFM for two months, was climbing in another area that day when he decided on a whim to put in a burn on the project. To his surprise, he sent. While he hasn’t given the route a grade, many speculate it could be his hardest at 5.15b. “I've always had faith. This one really beat me though,” Sharma told PlanetMountain afterward. “I'm just glad it's all over.”

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