10. USATF Bows to Athlete Pressure on Logos

After a bitter battle, athletes win right to dress more like NASCAR drivers

Dec 21, 2011
Outside Magazine
NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon

NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon    Photo: PresidentBertho/Flickr

Track and field has a long and inglorious history of governing bodies meddling with athletes’ rights, and U.S.A. Track and Field’s refusal to allow athletes to put multiple sponsor logos on their jerseys struck many runners as unfair and bad for the sport. 

But facing a confrontation with athletes at a conference in November and protests from two high-profile runners, USATF said it would back down from rules limiting the number of sponsors runners can rep on their uniforms. Whether the decision will bring more money and attention into a sport struggling for both is anyone's guess, but it's a step in the right direction—especially as the international media begin to focus on track and field before the London Olympics.

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