The Top 10 Travel Stories of 2011

From the world’s most fuel-efficient commercial plane to foreign economic collapses to a cloud-tickling hotel, the biggest adventure travel stories this year

Dec 20, 2011
Outside Magazine
Mexico, the Sea of Cortez.

Mexico, the Sea of Cortez. Not all doom and gloom, is it?    Photo: AlexPears/flickr

2011 was a big year for Planet Earth, with revolutions, tectonic upheavals, new technology, financial lows—and even a few highs. All of these developments shifted the map for adventure travelers. Just how much was the driving criterion for how we picked the top ten stories below. We also added a few superlatives—like the world’s highest hotel, just in case you want to book a room on your way home from climbing in the Himalayas.

10. Dreamliner
9. Skyscraper
8. Record Snowfall
7. The Tsunami's Effects
6. On the Cheap
5. Travel Apps
4. South of the Border
3. Going Long
2. Regional Shift
1. Opening Up