8. Diane Nyad Won’t Give Up

More than 30 years after a failed attempt, a 60-something swimmer gets back in the water

Dec 26, 2011
Outside Magazine

In the 1970s, a twenty-something Diane Nyad broke the speed record for swimming around Manhattan, swam 102.5 miles from the Bahamas, and vowed to swim from Florida to Cuba. After more than 40 hours in the water, with rough seas pushing her off course, Diane Nyad called off her attempt. Shortly after that, she gave up distance swimming. This year, she got back in the water to try that swim at the age of 60. The first time, in August, she gave up after roughly 28 hours when a 12-hour asthma attack forced her to get out of the water. In September, she tried again, but repeated jellyfish stings shut her down after a 41-hour attempt. This December, The New York Times reported Nyad hasn't completely given up hope on completing her dream crossing.

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