4. Oscar Pistorius Races in the Worlds

The fastest man on no legs takes the next step

Dec 26, 2011
Outside Magazine

Up until this summer, Oscar Pistorius’s name mostly came up in debate. Should he be able to compete against able-bodied athletes? After legal battles, the answer was yes. Do his carbon-fiber legs give him an advantage over able-bodied athletes? Scientists disagree on that answer. A lot of the debate about Pistorius involved hypotheticals. At least one of those hypotheticals became reality when Pistorius ran in the Track and Field World Championships this past August in Daegu, South Korea. He beat 22 of the world’s fastest sprinters in the 400, but didn’t make it to the finals. So talk about the South African sprinter has died down, but Pistorius is looking to make another one of those hypotheticals into reality next year. He hopes to qualify for the 2012 Olympics. That has us excited, not because we want to listen to his supporters and detractors go at it again, just because we want to watch him run.

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