The Top 10 Fitness Stories of 2011

New workouts, a marathon birth, and revolutionary new studies: Here are the headlines that defined health and fitness news in 2011

Dec 22, 2011
Outside Magazine

We’re suckers for a good headline, and health and fitness stories this past year did not disappoint. From legal takedowns of fitness gear that didn’t deliver results to revolutionary new recovery procedures that had athletes hopping planes for treatment in Eastern Europe, we couldn’t stop reading. Still, when making this list, we looked for stories that had some meat—stories that involved policy changes, lawsuits, influential personalities, and breakthrough studies. Disagree? Tell us what you would have picked in the comments section below.

10. Jack LaLanne
9. The Food Pyramid, er, Plate
8. Power Balance
7. Stem Cells
6. Tone Deaf
5. Marathon Birth
4. The Group is On
3. Marathon Times
2. The Healthcare Debate
1. Something You Already Know

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