Best for Skiing

Ski earbuds should be cheap, durable, and easy to adjust with gloves on. Just pay attention to where you're going.

Jan 4, 2012
Outside Magazine
Logitech Ultimate Ears 200 Noise Isolating Headset

Logitech Ultimate Ears 200 Noise Isolating Headset    Photo: Courtesy of Logitech

Only good skiers should listen to tunes, which rules me out. So I polled my skier friends, who say that, with the cord tucked inside your coat and the earbuds tucked under your headwear, a secure fit is less important than durability and the ability to control volume with gloves on. And given the abuse headphones will endure on the mountain—snow, sweat, and cold—investing a lot of money probably isn't the way to go. For above-average sound in a cheap, waterproof package, Logitech's Ultimate Ears 200 Noise-Isolating Headset is hard to beat. It has an inline volume control and mic, letting you answer important calls, like buddies summoning you to the lodge for lunch. Noise isolation is a mixed bag, however: you'll get better sound quality at a lower volume, but you're less likely to hear someone coming up behind you. If that makes you nervous, the standard earbuds that come with iPods and iPhones will do.

Price: $40