Best for Women

Because ears come in different sizes

Jan 4, 2012
Outside Magazine
Subject HerPhones

Subject HerPhones    Photo: Courtesy of Subjekt

Nixon Micro-Blaster

Nixon Micro-Blaster

All of the models I've reviewed, of course, are gender neutral, but Subjekt, recognizing that women’s ears aren't as big as men's, built their HerPhones to be 40 percent smaller than average earphones. My high-school-aged daughter wears them regularly, and while she's a little uncertain about their ability to withstand teenage wear and tear, they pump out Strokes tracks reliably enough to make her swoon. And at $25 a pair, they get my vote. Another solid option is the Micro-Blaster ($100), an in-ear monitor from Nixon that has a similarly small profile, emits plenty of bass, and sounds nearly as good as headphones twice the price.