Primary Sources: Greg Child

54, Sydney native, climber

Jan 11, 2012
Outside Magazine
Bouldering at Mt. Arapiles

Bouldering at Mt. Arapiles    Photo: dfinnecy/Flickr

Mount Arapiles, some 200 miles northwest of Melbourne, is the place that basically ruined my life and made me a climber. It shoots right up out of the flat savanna; the red sandstone is bullet hard, and every inch of it is covered with holds, some so easy even my seven-year-old daughter enjoyed herself. At the same time, Araps is home to plenty of challenging 5.14’s—some of which are just 40 feet tall. But they’re intricate and require the energy of much bigger climbs. You can walk around this rock for days and have a complete free-climbing experience unlike any you’ve had before.”