Mountain Biker Versus Hartebeest


You hear stories of mountain bikers' close calls with wildlife—like the mountain lion that leapt on some poor schmuck's back from high ground or the mother bear that chased off a hapless rider when he startled her cubs—but I've always written them off as urban legend. I figure that any critters I happen on will be fast headed the other direction. Case in point: a few weeks ago, while racing the Vapor Trail 125 outside of Salida, Colorado, I sent a black bear scuttling for cover when I came hurtling down the trail late in the night. And last weekend on the Coconino 250, I startled an elk with a giant rack into a dead run on the flanks of Bill Williams mountain. Animals want as little to do with us as we want to do with them, I've always said—until I saw this video. I think I'll watch the woods a bit more closely from now on.

--Aaron Gulley 

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