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Buying Gear Easily From Your iPad? There's an App For That


Lots of online gear shop websites scale to fit your iPad or phone screen, and some shops have special smartphone apps. Until now, none that we've seen have made buying skis, packs or socks from a mobile device more pleasurable or easier than on a home computer. Backcountry.com's new iPad app, however, takes online shopping to an entirely new level. It's crack for gear addicts. Maybe it's the brilliant, awe inspiring photos. Maybe it's the oversized text and the interface that's easy to navigate even after too many rounds at the pub. The beauty, the ease had us clicking "add to cart" again and again. Backcountry.com has plans to improve the app even more by incorporating a compare products button and improving access to the Goat blog.

We're guessing that the tech department at REI is dreaming up ways to compete with backcountry.com's app right now. Bring it on! I'm ready for another review.

Until then, check out the backcountry.com app, available now at the Apple iTunes store. Oh yeah, and it's free.

-Berne Broudy

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