Wilderness Medicine Courses Demystified

Summer adventure is nigh so arm your pack with a good first aid kit like one from Adventure Medical Kits. And learn how to use it. Here's the scoop on wilderness medicine courses.

CPR is a vital 3-4 hour class, endorsed by American Red Cross or American Heart Association.

Wilderness First Aid is a one- or two-day course that teaches basics of wound care and splinting. If you have time, find a more-detailed, three- or four-day Advanced Wilderness First Aid.

Wilderness First Responder, aka "woofer," is a 70-hour essential for guides, rangers, rescuers and travelers on expeditions to remote lands.

Wilderness Emergency Medicine Technician, or W-EMT, clocks in at 180-hours, and prepared one for a professional career in firefighting, ambulance response, and backcountry rescue.

Docs, nurses and paramedics can take a weekend-long Advanced Wilderness Life Support (sometimes called Wilderness Advanced Life Support); and they can get continuning medical education from a number of medical conferences.

For details, check Wilderness Medicine Institute, Wilderness Medicine Associates, Wilderness and Travel Medicine, Remote Medical International, Wilderness Medicine Outfitters and many others.

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