Top 10 Blogs of April

So many things happened in the Outside world this April that we understand you not keeping track of everything. Here are the highlights, including some wicked mountain-bike porn, Outside's best covers, a bit on the Greg Mortenson controversy, and a love letter.

Number 10:
An Interview with the River Monster's Jeremy Wade


Number 9:
Access to All Things Christopher McCandless


Number 8:
Video: The Love Letter

The Love Letter from Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

Number 7:
The Gear Junkie - Inov 8 Road Shoe


Number 6:
AZT300 Gets a New King‚ Ummm Queen

Number 5:
The Tour of Flanders, Firsthand


Number 4:
The Top 10 Best Outside Magazine Photos Ever


Number 3:
The Top 10 MTB Clips Part 2 


Number 2:
Top 10 MTB Clips Part 1


Number 1:
Can't Get There from Here




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