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Jan 18, 2012
Outside Magazine

Good For: Powder freaks; commuters; holiday travelers

Written By: Joel Gratz and Andrew Murray

Like many of us, the founders of opensnow.com spend a lot of time trying to figure out when and where the powder will fly. That’s because they’re skiers as well as meteorologists, and they know what’s important in a forecast. Mainly: when the storm will hit and just how off the hook the riding will be. Readers can custom tailor the site to get info on their destination, or just follow the blog for lively detailed analysis of winter weather patterns.

Sample Post: Gratz gives this winter's snow drought a little historical perspective.

Backcountry.com posted a comparison of early January snowpack from last season (2011) versus this season (2012). That was a cool graphic, but it was also a little misleading because last season was soooooooo (so!) good with tons of snow.

Instead, let’s compare early January against the last three seasons

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