9. Universal Klister

A look at the winter life in the north woods

Jan 18, 2012
Outside Magazine

Good for: Homies in the flyover states; aspiring photogs

Written by: Hansi Johnson, AKA "Loki"

Some sites are all about service; this one’s all about mood, tone, and image. Leaning on reams of top-shelf photography, this Duluth, Minnesota-based blog brings winter sports in the upper Midwest to vivid life. Entries cover environmental issues, nordic skiing, fishing, hunting, and some of the most amazing fat-tire winter biking photos we’ve ever seen.

Sample Post: Loki posts pictures from a weekend ride in winter.

There is no doubt that fat tires and fat bikes are giving me access to shots and adventures I never would have thought possible. This weekend, Rudy, Dave, Eric and I set off to check out the Dalles of the St.Louis River just out my front door. In the past I have actually skate skied this section of river but with the weird winter, the bike riding is nearly perfect.

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