8. Earn Your Turns

Backcountry appreciation, and the gear you’ll need to get there

Jan 18, 2012
Outside Magazine

Good For: Lift shunners; knee droppers; wilderness lovers

Written By: Craig Dostie (and friends)

Some of the sharpest backcountry gear reviews in the business, from the folks who brought you Couloir magazine (R.I.P.). Preaching a philosophy of self-reliance, adventure, and the deep beauty that can only be found way off piste, EYT is both informative and inspirational.

Sample Post: Dostie digs deep on Rotefella's NTN Freeride telemark bindings, five years after they first hit the market.

Many have called this binding the Duke of telemark, not necessarily implying a royal heritage or qualities, but because like it’s alpine counterpart it is a beefy, downhill oriented binding with acceptable uphill performance. For those driving anything wider than 100mm at the waist, which is the only size ski that seems to sell anymore, the NTN Freeride is an excellent answer to the horsepower question such girth demands. For smaller skis it seems overkill, but aficionados swear by it regardless of what planks they mount ‘em to.

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