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Dude! This blog is sick!

Jan 18, 2012
Outside Magazine

Good for: Bros; brahs

Written by: Jon Hartley (and friends)

Dude: Brobomb’s tag line puts it nicely into perspective: “Having fun at skiing’s expense.” With its vast video gallery, irreverent entries, and often self-effacing sense of humor, Brobomb showcases all that’s cool and high-energy in the slopeside scene without its all-too-common (and oft-annoying) brain-deadness. To wit: "Free Movie Friday," a recent smart review of Trash Party, and their take on then enduring controversy of whether skiers "really" need poles or not.

Sample Post
: Ryan Dunfee doles out some very practical advice on how to extend the life of your gear.

Shit! Skiing is expensive! It seemed like not long ago (okay, ten years ago) that the best twin tips on the market were only $400. New boots? Sell your cat and the copper out of your duplex. Fortunately, there’s a handful of less obvious and cheaper upgrades to your gear you could be making this season for under two hundo. They won’t be badass hunter orange 18-DIN bindings or new skis, but they will help extend the life of your existing gear or replace more expensive purchases you might have had to make otherwise. Yes, unfortunately this is serious advice.

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