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Jan 18, 2012
Outside Magazine

Good For: You-fall-you-die shralpers

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: Steve Romeo

A serious-minded and expertly informed site, focusing mainly (though not exclusively) on ski-mountaineering in Wyoming’s ragged, beautiful Teton range. Romeo delivers avy reports, POV videos, gear reviews and analysis, and plenty of first-person storytelling, all of which is seasoned with an easy going sense of humor that’s often emulated in ski blogs elsewhere online. Teton AT is an essential resource for ski mountaineers, both in Wyoming and beyond.

Sample Post:Romeo takes his chances in the backcountry on a day with high avalanche risk.

We kept our skin-track in the safe zones and in the trees as much as possible as we tried to make our way up the final bowl. As we approached one of the few final hazard-zones, a whump came from deep in the snowpack…and we heard it rumble away from us under our skis. It stopped us in our tracks, and made us think once again if we should turn around or not. After talking and looking around for a bit, we finally saw the slide, and it dawned on us that we had just remotely trigged quite a large slide in the gut of Wimpys from 150-200’ away.

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