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Notes from a life on snow

Jan 18, 2012
Outside Magazine

Good For: Anyone who’s ever said the words “steep” and “deep” in the same sentence

Written by: Andrew McLean

Straightchuter.com’s Andrew McLean is one of the most prolific (and interesting) ski bloggers writing today. McLean posts comprehensive reports from his adventures in Utah’s Wasatch range, where he lives, and also recounts inspiring tales from his decades of globetrotting on skis.

Sample Post:

It seemed hard to believe that anything could ever top the 2009 Ice Axe Antarctica Ski Cruise, but I think this year actually did.

... You go for the skiing, but in the end it’s the entire package that you remember. We had six days of skiing in Antarctica with 2-3 in Ushuaia, Argentina beforehand.  I kept a photo, gps and written log of where we went...

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