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The view from the east

Good For: New Englandahs; Western riders who’ve only heard of the “East”

Written By: Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson

A veritable clearing house for all things snow-related, from eastern Quebec’s Gaspe to the mid-Atlantic mountains. Adventure Skier provides an impressive array of snow reports, travel logs, photos, videos, news, op-ed, and links. We like both the comprehensive nature of this site, and its dedication to the East's most excellent snowy amenities.

Sample Post: Mohr and Johnson walk the line between forcasting snow and hoping for it.

While forecasters are busy trying to predict the course and final outcome of the approaching weather system, one thing is clear: It is going to snow. We can smell it. And, for the first time ever, a wild snowshoe hare ran across our path at AdventureSkier headquarters this morning. We’re treating that as VERY good sign.

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