The Classics

A multimedia guide to seven of North America’s best adventure destinations—featuring Duct Tape Then Beer’s new videos series

Feb 9, 2012
Outside Magazine

When filmmakers Bryan Smith and Fitz Cahall contacted us about their latest project, The Classics, we were intrigued. They planned to produce seven short films about North America’s best destinations for sea kayaking, climbing, skiing, mountain biking, and more. When Cahall invited us to join him for a shoot, we couldn’t refuse. A kayaking trip along the Georgia coast in November sounded like the perfect break from office work. That, and we wanted to see how the team behind The Season and Tracing the Edge went about their work. In the end, we ended up with a new multimedia travel package: our guide to tackling North America’s epic quests alongside their video series. Let us know if you like the format.

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