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When Bad Things Happen to Rad People

A glossary of extreme-sports calamities

Rag doll (n) A fall in which your arms and legs flail about uncontrollably.

Scorpion (n) A somersaulting fall in which your legs bend up toward the back of your head.

Tomahawk (n) Similar to a scorpion, but with the rider’s pack becoming the fulcrum point.

Pitch-pole (n) A particularly scary sailboat flip in which the bow submerges and the stern comes up and over the top.

Starfish (n) A fall in which the skier, snowboarder, or bike rider’s body cartwheels out of control, arms and legs drawn outward by centrifugal force.

Femur-in (adv) To land so hard while skiing or parachuting that your thighbones snap and auger into the ground.

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From Outside Magazine, Mar 2012
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