The 14 Most Common Fitness Injuries…

And how to prevent them

Feb 27, 2012
Outside Magazine

Injuries suck. They hurt, they induce lethargy, and they’ve been proven to make people sad. Fortunately, several studies have shown that the chances of getting felled by many of the common injuries listed here can often be reduced with neuromuscular training, strength exercises, and flexibility drills. A study published in 2011 found that a 20-minute warm up that included balance, agility, plyometric, and strength exercises lessened the chances of suffering a lower extremity injury, such as an ACL tear or an ankle sprain, by almost 50 percent. True, some injuries, such as a cyclist’s broken collarbone, may require a heaping spoonful of luck to avoid, but a little prep can help prevent problems—from a hamstring strain to Achilles tendonitis.

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