Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

Become one with nature

Feb 27, 2012
Outside Magazine
Song Saa bungalow

An overwater bungalow at Song Saa    Photo: Markus Gortz

Best For: Eco-minded travelers who like to be first.

This brand-new, beautifully designed, environmentally sustainable luxury resort with 27 strategically placed villas is the first of its kind in Cambodia. Built on two islands known as “The Sweethearts,” which are connected by a footbridge, the place is so in tune with its surroundings that it established its own marine sanctuary, a no-take zone covering 247 acres and extending more than 656 feet out from the farthest edge of the coral reefs. The seven ocean view villas, each with their own private beach, are decked out with a daybed, sundeck, swimming pool, and, for those who want to wax poetic, a writing desk. Don’t waste your time inside. Circumnavigate the islands with a mask and snorkel, explore the archipelago in a kayak, or take a nighttime boat cruise to swim in the ethereal phenomenon known as bioluminescence.

When to go: February-May; November-December

How to Get There: Fly from Siem Riep to the city of Sihanoukville, which is only a 30-minute boat ride from Song Saa. Ocean-view villa from $1,415 per person, per night, all-inclusive;

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