Tri Talk

Master your multisport lingo

BRICK A workout consisting of a bike ride followed by a run. So named because when you start to run, your legs feel like bricks.

P.R. Personal record, or the fastest you've ever raced an event or given distance.

P.E. Perceived exertion, a technical way to rate how hard you're working out, usually on a one-to-ten scale.

PEE Considered acceptable in your wetsuit if you're racing in open water, and even in your tri suit or shorts during the bike or run. (But really, unless you're trying to win, why?)

STACKING A smart training strategy in which hard days are followed by easier workouts. Damn, that schedule is stacked!

SPRINT A short-distance triathlon—typically a 750-meter swim, 20K bike ride, and 5K run.

RECOVERY Low-intensity exercise. This is the best way to end a workout, as it maintains blood flow without taxing your muscles. Not to be confused with the more reasonable definition of the term, which involves a burger and sleep.

RIDING STEEP Tilting your saddle forward at an angle to reduce pressure on your perineum. This debatable practice is popular among triathletes, as the aero cycling position shifts a rider's weight toward the front of the saddle.

T1 The first transition, from swim to bike.

T2 The second transition, from bike to run.

T3 Definitely the worst of the Terminator movies.

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