Best For: Soothing muscles that are sore from high-intensity activities like CrossFit

Mar 21, 2012
Outside Magazine

Why it Works: According to Sims, Manuka honey, which is made from bees that feed on Manuka flowers in New Zealand, possesses anti-inflamatory properties, not to mention the carbohydrates needed to help rebuild muscle fibers. “Active Manuka honey has a high level of non-peroxide antibacterial components, unique to this type of honey,” says Sims. “It can be useful internally (for ulcers, acid reflux) and topically (for blisters, cuts, road rash). It supports the immune system, and thus boosts the acute immunosuppressant response of exercise.”

You can order it online and find it in most health food stores.

The Recipe: Stacy Sims’s Honey Stinger
It’s simple: Sims mixes the honey into non-fat Greek yogurt for a quick and easy recovery meal.

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