Beartooth Pass North, Montana

Best for: Endurance Junkies

Beartooth Highway

The Beartooth Highway via Shutterstock    Photo: Jennifer Leigh Selig

Start: 5,675 feet
10,947 feet
30.4 miles
Total Elevation:
5,272 feet
Cat. 1

The north side of Beartooth Pass is a long climb into the Beartooth Mountains in southern Montana that finishes in Wyoming. It is never very steep but contains amazing views down into the valley as you ascend multiple switchbacks. At mile 22 the climb pops out above tree line and heads across spectacular alpine terrain. At mile 27 there is a descent before the final push up to the pass.

Summerson says: “This is probably the least difficult of the five. It’s very shallow, with an average grade of 3.3 percent. The whole time you’re wondering why and how they managed to jam a road over it. Good thing they did.”

Logistics: The climb begins in Red Lodge, Montana, where the historic Pollard Hotel (from $75 a night) is a great base for operations. Head west on Route 212 from the junction of Routes 212 and 308.

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