9) Colorado’s Never Summer Yurts

Best For: The agoraphobic

Apr 4, 2012
Outside Magazine
Never Summer Mountains

Hitting bridges in the Never Summer Mountains    Photo: Never Summer Nordic

Colorado’s Never Summer Mountains, to the northeast of Rocky Mountain National Park, don’t get nearly as much attention as their southerly counterparts. That’s an oversight that can play in your favor when you ride between the Never Summer Yurts. The Yurts feature beds, woodstoves, and cooking setups—and the trails feature no crowds, and miles of riding on a mix of single track and forest service roads in the Colorado State Forest State Park. Yes, that’s really what it’s called.

For a multi-day yurt trip, loop together the Ruby Jewel, Dancing Moose, and Montgomery Pass yurts, or venture a little further to the North Fork Canadian Yurt. The 26-mile trip can be done in four days, and will go by fast, in more ways than one. It's downhill all the way from Ruby Jewel to North Fork Canadian.

When to go: The snow melts late in the Never Summer—hence the name—so hold off until August.
$60-75/night; neversummernordic.com