8) Sun Valley’s Coyote Yurt

Best For: The high-end, hard-core set

Apr 4, 2012
Outside Magazine
Riding near Coyote Yurt

Riding near Coyote Yurt    Photo: Craig Wolfrom

Sun Valley screams upscale with its ballet company, the Sun Valley Ballet School, and it’s penchant for wine festivals, but Ketchum is serious about all things two-wheeled, with bike-focused companies Scott and Smith using the surrounding world-class riding to draw in passionate employees.

Reserve the Coyote Yurt, which is actually two yurts built at 8,700 feet. The trip isn’t hut-to-hut, per se, but staying in the yurt gets you out-the-door access to Sawtooth single track, with rides like Fox Peak and Curley’s, knowing for their fast, flowing descents.

Sun Valley Trekking, which operates the yurt, will bring you multiple course meals that range from local trout to Thanksgiving dinner and guide you. Or, you can brave it alone and bring in your own stock of Guinness and grillables.

When to go: Wildflower season, between early July and mid August.
$25/person/night for the Yurt. If you want full service, including a guide, yurt rental, food, and transport, it’s $230/person; www.svtrek.com