6) Colorado’s Backcountry Biker’s Huts

Best For: Desert rats

Apr 4, 2012
Outside Magazine
Backcountry Biker's Huts

Waiting for the beer to show up    Photo: Kevin Godar

The slickrock canyons of eastern Colorado and western Utah holds some of the best biking in the country. Backcountry Biker, based out of Fruita, Colorado, runs two different supported hut trips through the Colorado National Monument—the four-day Tabaguache trip and the three-day Dominguez route. Both rides drop from Fruita through the Uncomphagre plateau to Gateway, on the Dolores River.

You’ll have full backup on either ride. Backcountry Biker—which is run by a highly eager fellow named Kevin who calls himself The Hut Guy—will schlep your gear and drop food and beer at the huts. The huts sleep six comfortably and eight cozily, each one has a full bike maintenance setup inside.

The trips end at the riverside Gateway Canyons Resort, which features a spa and access to the Dolores river. If you’re feeling really swanky, or just worn out, add an extra night there onto your trip and put some meat back on your bones by grubbing on the buffalo meatloaf with red onions at the Paradox Grill.

When to go: Fall, when the canyons start to cool off.
$575/person for the Tabaguache; $425 for the Dominguez; backcountrybiker.com