5) New Zealand’s Heaphy Track

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Apr 4, 2012
Outside Magazine
Kahurangi National Park

Yes, that’s the real color of the Oparara river, Kahurangi National Park (via Shutterstock)    Photo: Sasapee

The New Zealand Department of Conservation is currently in the middle of a three-year feasibility study to see if turning some of the countries classic “great walks” into “great rides” is a good idea. The 80-kilometer Heaphy Track is their testing ground, so for the next two years you can ride through the Kahurangi National Park, located in the northwest corner of the South Island.

There are five huts on the track, so riders can stretch it out to six lazy days, but it’s easy to do it in less. You’ll ride in a variety of ecosystems, from forests and tussock fields to beaches. Keep in mind that weather on the Kiwi coast, especially in the winter, can change quickly and that the area is prone to storms and flooding.

When to go: The track is open to bikers from May to September.
Cost: $20/night, heaphytrack.com