1) Colorado’s San Juan Huts

Best For: Traditionalists

Wedding Bell hut

The Wedding Bell hut, on the ride from Durango to Moab    Photo: San Juan Hut System

The original hut-to-hut bike trip, riding from Telluride to Moab via the San Juan Huts, has been around since 1988. “We cobbled it together with a number of different structures, including a sheepherder’s camp.” says Joe Ryan, the founder.

Now, things are a lot less piecemeal. The organization runs 12 huts, and sends bikers out on two 215-mile-long routes: a seven-day, technical, singletrack-packed ride from Durango to Moab, and the original weeklong trip from Telluride to Moab, which is more remote.

Ryan, who built the hut system after spending time at huts in Canada, says he wanted to give riders a way to explore new terrain every day. “People want to see new mile after new mile,” he says.

This year, the huts are also hosting a 200-mile cross-country race. If you’re there the last week of June expect a crowd. And, most likely, to get passed.

When to Go: June 10 to July 15 to avoid early season snow and late season thunderstorms.
$850; sanjuanhuts.com

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