What happens at CrossVegas stays in CrossVegas

Apr 5, 2012
Outside Magazine
The women's race at CrossVegas

The women's race at CrossVegas    Photo: k.steudel/Flickr

CrossVegas, which takes place each September at the cycling trade show known as InterBike, is one of the season’s first major ‘cross races. Held at night only minutes from the Las Vegas strip, the combination of early-season dirt and industry energy make for huge, rowdy crowds along the course. Racers without a chance at placing try to pick up dollar bills planted on the course by drunk spectators. And the more you drink, the more thrilling it is to cheer for riders grasping, and occasionally slipping, for a little cash. If you can wrangle an insider connection—and at InterBike, insiders are everywhere—head to one of several VIP areas on the course, which are usually stocked with free beer from race sponsor Sierra Nevada. And if Vegas isn't your bag, consider Louisville, which will host the cyclocross world championships in January 2013. It could be the biggest bike race party on this side of the Atlantic in years. September 19, 2012,

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