How Much Beet Juice Is Too Much?

The jury is still out on dosage guidelines for nitrates and beta-alanine, but here are recommendations from two top nutritionists

Beet juice offers the same boost that performance enhancers do. (David Prince)
Photo: David Prince Beet juice

Allen Lim Says:
“Beet juice is 100 percent natural, and there are nutritional benefits beyond the nitrates, like antioxidants. I’ve seen some of the best real-world performances from athletes who make it part of their diet.”
Eight ounces (two juiced beets) three times a week. Blend with eight ounces of sweeter fruit juices, like apple, carrot, or tangerine, to improve the taste. 

Stacy Sims Says:
“The immediate benefit of beta-alanine is that it increases carnosine, and higher carnosine levels have been shown to improve performance by helping to buffer acidosis and increase nitric oxide.”
Three to six grams orally per day (about four PowerBar beta-alanine tablets) for four to eight weeks. The most dramatic increases will occur in weeks three and four, but carnosine levels can remain elevated for months, so cycle in beta-alanine every 12 weeks to maximize effectiveness.

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