Wine Country Style: Colin Sinclair

Restaurant manager

May 17, 2012
Outside Magazine
Dino Bugica (left) and Colin Sinclair

Dino Bugica (left) and Colin Sinclair    Photo: Williams + Hirakawa

Diavola’s general manager is Healdsburg native Colin Sinclair, 31, whom Bugica lured back from San Diego. “My friends are all here now,” says Sinclair. “We may have moved away, but we came back.” The menu features cucina povera (peasant cooking) harvested from nearby fields, which, thanks to the temperate climate, are productive year-round. “We have farmers growing Italian varieties of vegetables and herbs,” says Bugica. “We use local rabbits, sheep, and pigs.” At house parties, the fare can get wilder: “Someone will shoot a wild boar and we’ll have a pig roast.”

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