The Best Summer Festivals: Wanderlust Festival

Stratton Mountain Ski Resort, Vermont; June 21-24

Jun 4, 2012
Outside Magazine
Wanderlust Festival

Starting the morning off right at the Wanderlust Festival    Photo: Wanderlust Festival

Keep it sane and healthy. That’s what this meandering mountain festival, which kicks off in Vermont, is all about. Visualize this: Morning meditation hikes, yoga with stars like Seane Corne and Rodney Yee, music by Ziggy Marley and Ani Defranco, and inspirational talks by activists like founder Eli Pariser. All of this fueled by delicious and organic farm-to-table meals. If you didn’t arrive sane, you might be by the time you leave.

Where to Stay: Camp at the Wanderlands, a full-service campground just a mile from the main festival site. Sign up with Show Sherpa and a Eureka tent with cots will be set up by the time you’re ready to crash.