The Best Mancations: Surf the Best Wave Fields on the Planet

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Jun 11, 2012
Outside Magazine
Mentawai Islands surfing

Surfer off the Mentawai Islands via Shutterstock    Photo: photogerson

Martin Daley, the Christopher Columbus of surf exploration and quite possibly the father of the modern-day Mancation, has been leading surf trips to the best wave fields on the planet for the past 22 years. Here’s his simple and very successful formula: Grab seven of your buddies and spend the next two weeks on the Indies Trader 3, a luxurious 90-foot yacht with fine wines, a chef who knows his seafood, satellite Internet, a fishing boat, jet ski, and scuba gear. Surf the Indian Ocean all day, eat gigantic meals, drink beer, and swap stories that should probably be left at sea.

As of now the boat is available in late June and early July. The all-inclusive price is $7,500 per person for two weeks.