The Best Mancations: Revive the Lost Art of Becoming a Waterman

Travaasa Hana, Hawaii

Jun 11, 2012
Outside Magazine
Travaasa Hana

Watch Dad become a waterman    Photo: Travaasa

Travaasa Hana

Catch your own dinner

In addition to hosting Father’s Day, June is also “Man Month” at Travaasa, Hawaii. This Hana resort that sits on the eastern tip of Maui is where guys can go to learn the nearly lost art of becoming a waterman. Start with the basics: Throw a hand-made fishing net with the locals who made them in a way that might actually snag some dinner. Then graduate to Hawaiian archery or a form of self-defense known as lua, a martial art with more than 300 effective and occasionally deadly moves used by Hawaiian warriors. There’s also “Machete Madness Coconut Husking” and “Masters of Mixology” classes, but be sure to carve out time for a private surf lesson and, as long as you’re at a spa, the “Gentleman’s Facial.”

Five-night packages from $425 per person, per night.