The Best Mancations: Revel in a Shrine to Well-Being

Bask Spa, Revel Resort, Atlantic City

Jun 11, 2012
Outside Magazine
Bask Spa at Revel Resort

Bask in the luxury of Bask Spa    Photo: Bask Spa

It’s a little oxymoronic to open a 32,000-foot “shrine to well-being” in Revel, an 1,800-room beachfront casino resort in Atlantic City. But that’s what makes “Bask,” the latest in the Exhale spa family, so interesting.

The spa itself is an architectural wonder with 32 spa rooms, a 5,000-square-foot gym, and classes in Core Fusion, yoga, and Surfset—a cardio and resistant workout that achieves surfer fitness on land. Add the long list of retreats with titles like “Shake Your Chakra,” and Bask is essentially a giant daytime detox sanctuary in a den of Revel’s eating, drinking, and gaming debauchery. Your wife might forgive you if you A) invite her and B) reserve a four-corner ocean-room suite.

$589 per night.

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