The One-Question Interview: James 'Bobo' Fay

The Sasquatch hunter shares his secrets

Jun 15, 2012
Outside Magazine
Finding Bigfoot crew

The Finding Bigfoot crew. Bobo is third from the left.    Photo: Courtesy of Animal Planet

Bobo is a tracker on Animal Planet’s new documentary series Finding Bigfoot.

So, Bobo, say we’ve got a week to look for Sasquatch. Where should we go?
Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, no doubt—lots of sightings there. Bigfoots love interesting camps. They also like rad music and appear to prefer mellow tunes with North American flutes, guitar, and some bass. Rock out, then start calling the beast in. You can either bring a 1,000-watt amp and blast some prerecorded ’squatch calls. Or you can do as I do and mimic the Bigfoot cry yourself. Just keep in mind, only one in every half a million men can make their voice as low as mine.