The Best Yoga Poses For Kayakers: Ardha Navasana

A strong trunk is the key to efficient paddling. These four poses will help get you there.

Jun 15, 2012
Outside Magazine
Ardha Navasana

Ardha Navasana    Photo: BODY of Santa Fe


1. From step 5 in Navasana Twist (see photo in the sidebar), lower everything down until your arms, legs, and head are just a few inches off the mat.
2. Hold for 15 seconds.
3. Come up to Navasana (arms extended) and hold for 15 seconds.
4. Release down to Ardha Navasana for 15 seconds.
5. Continue repeating for as long as you like.

THE REASON: Twisting Navasana into Ardha Navasana is an oblique exercise that engages the core in a long twist while the hips are flexed—perfect for kayakers.