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Peter and Lou Whittaker on Father and Son Mountaineering

Here's a great Father's Day video that we picked up off The Adventure Blog. It's a quick interview with mountaineers Peter and Lou Whittaker about climbing and guiding together.

Lou Whittaker led the first successful American summit of the North Col of Everest in 1984 and has summited Mount Rainer more than 250 times. After his son, Peter, turned 12, Lou guided him up Mount Rainier for the first time. Peter has since formed his own guiding company, Whittaker Mountaineering, and has climbed Mount Rainier a whopping 231 times. In the video, the duo offers up some lighthearted kidding about their expeditions together and addresses a serious question: How do you talk to your father about the decisions he's making as a guide if you're not so sure he's right?

—Joe Spring

Filed To: Climbing
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