Environmental Advice for the Candidates From Jenny Beth Martin

Cofounder and national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots

Jun 22, 2012
Outside Magazine
Jenny Beth Martin

Jenny Beth Martin outside the U.S. Supreme Court    Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

With high gas prices, the left will campaign for more green policies and for mandates on the auto industry and other businesses that claim the solution to this crisis is energy-efficient products. The American people know these mandates mean more costs to them and more time-consuming regulations. The result, as it always is when government overextends its constitutional role, is lost businesses and jobs. That is the last thing Americans want to hear.

My suggestion to the candidates—especially Romney, who supported cap-and-trade legislation—is to get government out of the business of dictating unproven energy policies and get back to developing policy that will rein in government spending and balance the budget. The reason climate change is a nonstarter is that it means more government regulation and less freedom, pushing a political agenda and not sound fiscal policy, which is the only way to solve our economic problems.