Obstacle Racing Essentials: Fuel

Races like the Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash are exploding in popularity. We asked two of the sport's top athletes about the gear that helps them get onto the podium.

smoothie eggs banana

Smoothie—raw eggs optional. Image via Shutterstock    Photo: Jevgenijsdasko

Eating right before an event is key. Three hours before his races, Call makes a customized energy drink with wheat grass, honey, two raw eggs, and a half-scoop of protein powder. (If you're squeamish about raw eggs, omit them and use a full scoop of protein powder instead.) One hour before the gun, he downs a lighter energy concoction with creatine added in—Call prefers Creapure. If the course is longer than six miles, Schlachter recommends packing energy gels, like those made by Hammer Nutrition, to avoid bonking mid-race.

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