New Independent Toe Suspension Sandals


Brought to you by Mark Thatcher, the guy who invented Teva's, Sazzis are sandals with individual toes cut into the sole. It's kind of like Vibram's Five Finger concept: Let your toes work independently and you get more traction, stability and agility on awkward terrain.

No one has applied this concept to a sandal ... until now. (Unless you count the ancient Anasazis.) Thatcher says his new “Toe Motion Footwear” was inspired by the pueblo-dwelling tribes of North America, whose goal it was to be light and powerful in both mind and body. He is striving for a similar result by building performance footwear “that better connects us to the environment and the outdoor activities we love.”


The quick-dry Digit is designed for maximum traction and stability on uneven terrain, in amphibious environments, pitching seas or just a long walk down the trail. Sazzi says that this sandal handles it all while allowing you to stay better connected to the experience. A full-length shank in the midsole offers puncture and shock protection while helping to spring you into your next step.


The Decimal lets all 10 of your toes move independently on a traditional flip-flop platform, keeping you agile in uneven conditions. Webbing between each toe provides security and stability not found in most standard flips. And it has a full-support footbed that makes these kicks suited for a trek up the mountain, around town, after yoga or on the beach.

So far, testers are giving these two thumbs up. Stay tuned for a full review.

Both models will be available the first week of September. Digit: $100. Decimal: $80.

—Berne Broudy

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